Squishy Makeover #29

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Welcome to another episode of squishy makeovers, where I transform ugly, used, old, dirty, cheap or unwanted squishies (donated by my subscribers) into my own creations. I repair, paint and cut away for hours on end to complete these. Hopefully you like them. Get used to lots of rainbow and sprinkles, because I am addicted to both!


So many generous people have sent me their unwanted squishies so I actually have a lot to work on already, BUT if you desperately want to, you can request my mailing address in the email ALLLL the way at down in the description (sorry for the traveling), make sure to read the disclaimer down there as well.

No. These squishies are sent as donations to the series because they were damaged, and no longer wanted. Everyone has been informed in advance that squishies would not be returned. It would be waaay too complicated/expensive and massively time consuming to keep track of everyone and return each squishy. I'm just one person!

I use fabric paint. Fabric paint is meant to stretch, so it is perfect for squishing! Any brand will work fine, but I mainly use Tulip. You can find it at Michaels, Hobby Lobby, A.C. Moore, Walmart, Joann Fabrics, and Online.

The matte fabric paint is more likely to crack after lots of squishing. Slick fabric paints never crack. But there are benefits to both. I usually mix the two paints together to get the best of both worlds.

I would not recommend that. Acrylic paint will either make the squishy hard, or it will crack and flake off very easily.

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Hey! my name is Moriah (pronounced muh-rye-yuh 😂 ) and this is my channel....obviously. I'm 26 and like doing anything creative...and being snarky.....just a lil. I make a lot of decorating, painting and general art videos here. I'm obsessed with editing and adding lil bits to my videos, so if that's not your thing....oof you may hate this haha. I paint on squishies, thrift store finds, and other random things I pick up. I also love to draw, but don't expect anything too skilled, I'm not the best at that haha. You will also find occasional crafting/testing crafting kits on my channel which are always a hot mess. And even some baking (REALLY bad at that, but it's fun to try LOL).

Squishy Makeovers: Fixing and decorating used squishies sent from my viewers
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Bake With ME: Recreating squishies I've decorated in real life
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Squishy Unboxing: Opening used squishy packages sent from viewers
Craft Kit Testing: pretty self explanatory. testing craft kits.

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    Craig Eastwood
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  19. Tally Wade
    Tally Wade
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    For the next squishy makeover you should do the cute clock squishy.

  20. Tally Wade
    Tally Wade
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    She should make a “yearbook” full of all her characters, the seniors could be the oldest squishes, etc etc. (Someone in the replies also mentioned an awards section, such as class clown, hottest couple, etc etc.) Original Commenter: harmless potato

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    I Draw Two of My Favorite EEfastrs' Original Characters! | Rinspirit_art & Moriah Elizabeth!

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