I Recreated My Squishy in Real Life | Bake With ME #8

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Hey guys! Today I am doing another baking video where I take one of my art creations (in this case one of my original squishy designs from my squishy makeover series) and attempt to bake and bring it to life. These are always such a cluster of fails and struggles since I obviously have no clue how to bake properly. But you guys ask for it, so here it is!

I tried to create a "dessert burger" which isn't a real thing, so I had no option but to kind of wing it. Being a complete beginner baker, this was quite a struggle even with "easy recipes" that I used. It involved making homemade sweet rolls, brownies and working with frosting. Hope you like it!

WATCH THE CREATION OF THE ORIGINAL SQUISHY: www.youtube.com/watch?v=vk5wb...

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    Im not a pro baker either. Far from it but.. I like to watch a lot of cooking/baking shows.. And I noticed you struggle with the drippy chocolate sauce stuff a lot! So if you see this Moriah, the thing you’re looking to make is called chocolate gaunche. (I hope I spelled that right) you’ll have to look up exactly how it’s made but it’s basically dark, Milk or White (depending on what you want) melted with milk or something. The white chocolate can obviously be dyed with your food gels so!! If you see this, I hope this helps.

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    eefast.info/for/m4enqaqp3Hx3jaU/video.html Here’s a link to a EEfast video on how to make drips on a cake (or a brownie burger in this case, lol!) 😜

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