Letting Opie Choose What I Paint

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Hey guys! Remember that trend from like a year ago where everyone was letting their pets choose stuff? Like, "my dog pick my outfit" or "letting my cat choose my makeup." WELL. Of course I didn't manage to jump onto that trend WHILE it was..ya know...TRENDING. BUT. I'm here now, awkwardly a year later and ready to give this a try 馃槀
SO, I decided to let my cat Opie choose my art supplies or pick out what I am painting in this video. I let him have several options including painting on squishies, painting a canvas, painting on a leather backpack and we shall see which one he picks. Hopefully you enjoy what I end up customizing and decorating today!

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    2 tundi tagasi

    It looks so adorable but I think u should put rainbow sprinkles on the bear

  2. LilyxgameR TYSM FOR 16 SUBS
    LilyxgameR TYSM FOR 16 SUBS
    3 tundi tagasi

    Moraine:let鈥檚 go get my little DEMON Moraine 2 seconds later:hello my little angleeeee

  3. Valencia Canizales
    Valencia Canizales
    3 tundi tagasi


  4. 馃崅EchoTheFreak
    3 tundi tagasi

    Don鈥檛 mind me binge watching Moriah because I haven鈥檛 watched her video in a few months

  5. horsesare_my_thing
    6 tundi tagasi

    鈥渓ets go get this little demon鈥 馃槇 5 seconds later 鈥渨ell there鈥檚 my little angel鈥 馃槆

  6. MD Rahman
    MD Rahman
    13 tundi tagasi

    So cute馃挆

  7. Summer Plays Games
    Summer Plays Games
    20 tundi tagasi

    Omg the mini pop was so cute 馃ズ

  8. Bri D
    Bri D
    23 tundi tagasi

    I love opie

  9. Bri D
    Bri D
    23 tundi tagasi

    Lol what

  10. Phaedra Paterack
    Phaedra Paterack
    P盲ev tagasi

    So cute I love it

  11. Simplyy Liyana
    Simplyy Liyana
    P盲ev tagasi

    Moriah is so pretty馃槈

    P盲ev tagasi

    I know that Smallishbeans let his dog (mery) choose his minecraft house

  13. 岽浭溼磭 岽囜磵岽 s岽涐礈岽涐礇岽囀s
    岽浭溼磭 岽囜磵岽 s岽涐礈岽涐礇岽囀s
    P盲ev tagasi

    eating popcorn as you chose the popcorn squishy-

  14. Rabeeha Khurram
    Rabeeha Khurram
    P盲ev tagasi

    The human squishy well thats what you call it is actually called a shopkin

  15. { Lightniq }
    { Lightniq }
    P盲ev tagasi

    Moriah: Now let's get the little DEMON Also Moriah 2 seconds later: hello my little ANGEL

  16. Jack Is Back
    Jack Is Back
    2 p盲eva tagasi

    Never mind I sent that comment before I noticed she did food

  17. Jack Is Back
    Jack Is Back
    2 p盲eva tagasi

    Is anyone not concerned about she was going to do a food squishy but she didn鈥檛 animal Instead

  18. Yuki馃悤鈥嶐煢
    2 p盲eva tagasi

    When I looked at how long it is it said 16)16

  19. Surish Seerattan
    Surish Seerattan
    2 p盲eva tagasi

    Awwww Opie is so cute 馃帹鉂わ笍馃樆

  20. cindy playz
    cindy playz
    2 p盲eva tagasi

    moriah:I want to make the bear a honey brown me thinks about wennythepoo

  21. Sandhya Pathak
    Sandhya Pathak
    2 p盲eva tagasi

    Seeing the thumbnail I thought you were about to paint Opie 馃槀馃槀馃槀 *Sorry*馃槀

  22. zwizer25
    3 p盲eva tagasi

    The reason she dosen鈥檛 paint on a canvas is because she is a different artist

  23. Some Magic
    Some Magic
    3 p盲eva tagasi

    鈥淪top circling me like a shark鈥 *me:* looks over at my cat

  24. Void
    3 p盲eva tagasi

    The chocolate bar person is a Shopkin named Cheeky Chocolate (Ik this coz I have her) but no idea why they made her into a squishy

  25. EeEeEeE
    4 p盲eva tagasi

    7:13 how dare she ruin cheeky chocolate from shopkins 馃槳 (this is just a joke btw)

  26. 8Ball
    4 p盲eva tagasi


  27. Chicken nuggie XxXx
    Chicken nuggie XxXx
    4 p盲eva tagasi

    First you call Opie a demon then an angle ? HUH!?

    1. Chicken nuggie XxXx
      Chicken nuggie XxXx
      4 p盲eva tagasi

      Help me

    2. Chicken nuggie XxXx
      Chicken nuggie XxXx
      4 p盲eva tagasi

      It makes no sense

  28. Sugey Flores
    Sugey Flores
    4 p盲eva tagasi

    Ok ieitumffegeeukffhroeUagluyrekgyufewyiuu FdsugydLsgyufareyigofr9gyudsegyievefuvilgliugvflubvedagildfviulgvfdguliefavyluarevlyugfiguergruifgjhverailgrthuiuilgrrsliuuhsgrotjknostbronghistprijpjsbruipsrbtpjisrbtjnibpjibtvrwnjbrgepjnivtnjnvtunvjfiowe mcmijcdemkcdk o rf kmprcwp kkrevrinojrfvsohuigilhughuk.h.iugehisrughgrelyshputirbjiipvrtjpjipegivjtnnpjivgtrjnkttjnvtjitunvtnunuvtmuvtimtvinvivntinijniinniinninniinniinininiininniniinnininituuttuututtutuuttuuttuuttuuutututurururtuutuutututututututuutututut

  29. kartoon kat
    kartoon kat
    4 p盲eva tagasi

    I have idea when it's Valentine's Day by heart a heart of chocolate with chocolate since I fit painted chocolate box heart shape box

  30. Monika Panikumar World
    Monika Panikumar World
    4 p盲eva tagasi

    Please play Minecraft馃檹馃檹

  31. Farm Pack
    Farm Pack
    4 p盲eva tagasi


  32. Teddy Overdogs
    Teddy Overdogs
    4 p盲eva tagasi

    Give us a new house tour

  33. play with me :)
    play with me :)
    4 p盲eva tagasi

    I love your arts and your so funny to l wish you would teach me 鉂も潳鉂も潳鉂ゐ煉栶煉栶煉栶煉栶煉栶煉

  34. Maddy
    4 p盲eva tagasi

    Opie is the cutest!馃挄

  35. Bxiscuts UwU
    Bxiscuts UwU
    4 p盲eva tagasi

    鈥楲et鈥檚 take that last look at that red booty, you will be missed鈥 the bear鈥檚 gravestone writing 鉁嶏笍.

  36. L M
    L M
    5 p盲eva tagasi

    Opie is so cute and like my cat is o because my cat is motivated by food only

  37. Kat Gaming
    Kat Gaming
    5 p盲eva tagasi

    Moriah: now let鈥檚 go get the demon. Also Moriah: look at my little angel

  38. Milky Muffins
    Milky Muffins
    5 p盲eva tagasi

    Before I read the title, I was thinking 鈥淥H- LETS PAINT MY CAT鈥

  39. Ditte Aya Deleuran
    Ditte Aya Deleuran
    5 p盲eva tagasi

    Try monochrome canvas nature

  40. Leslie Wrona
    Leslie Wrona
    5 p盲eva tagasi

    Wow 馃槏

  41. Callum Footitt
    Callum Footitt
    5 p盲eva tagasi

    This is so obviously rigged its not funny

  42. Lisa Roos
    Lisa Roos
    5 p盲eva tagasi

    your cat is soooo cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  43. Scarlett Sanders
    Scarlett Sanders
    5 p盲eva tagasi

    we gonna ignore the hole

  44. Mikayla Strandberh
    Mikayla Strandberh
    5 p盲eva tagasi


  45. M Healey
    M Healey
    5 p盲eva tagasi

    Opie will ruin the episode in July 1st!!!!!!!!!!

  46. Rosie 4 ever a frog 馃惛馃挌
    Rosie 4 ever a frog 馃惛馃挌
    6 p盲eva tagasi

    Pfhhhhhhh I thought for a few seconds this was a normal video 馃槀馃槀馃槀馃挌馃挌馃挌馃挌

  47. Skye Kierra Doclan
    Skye Kierra Doclan
    6 p盲eva tagasi

    Let's bring in the demon! Two seconds later: Here's the Angel!!!!

  48. Anas Tarakji
    Anas Tarakji
    6 p盲eva tagasi

    You said puppy paint 馃惗馃槀

  49. tsibs
    6 p盲eva tagasi

    Opie is sassy

  50. athenalea321
    6 p盲eva tagasi

    Opie picked FOOD, not an animal.

  51. Julie Martin
    Julie Martin
    6 p盲eva tagasi

    It is udoribl馃槏馃槏馃檪馃榾馃槂

  52. T M
    T M
    6 p盲eva tagasi

    That's how squishy kidney failure looks like.

  53. Aga Kowalsky
    Aga Kowalsky
    7 p盲eva tagasi

    It is soooo cute

  54. Brandi Sulak
    Brandi Sulak
    7 p盲eva tagasi

    The squishy before it was painted: thanks I know I鈥檓 ugly It after it was painted: AWW NOW IM PRETTY 馃槏!

  55. michael welburn
    michael welburn
    7 p盲eva tagasi

    idk if im the only one who thinks this is funny but when she said *its got some flicking paint* *flicks pain*

  56. Y SD
    Y SD
    7 p盲eva tagasi

    Opie chooses squishy Moriah has taught him well

  57. Mallory Harris
    Mallory Harris
    8 p盲eva tagasi

    Me SOOOO surprised when Opie chose food, squishy, and rainbow

  58. avocado sisters
    avocado sisters
    8 p盲eva tagasi

    is opie a maincoon?

  59. Dea Tirjaku
    Dea Tirjaku
    8 p盲eva tagasi


  60. Lillian Garetson
    Lillian Garetson
    8 p盲eva tagasi

    I love Moriha鈥檚 squishys!

    9 p盲eva tagasi

    Aww opie

  62. MavisRead
    9 p盲eva tagasi

    Would this bear be related to Honey Sweetie? Cause I swear they are the same brown color! But this bear eats food, while Honey Sweetie lives in a food.

  63. swati garg
    swati garg
    10 p盲eva tagasi

    This is my favourite video 馃槉

  64. Jillian Rowe
    Jillian Rowe
    10 p盲eva tagasi


  65. Jillian Rowe
    Jillian Rowe
    10 p盲eva tagasi


  66. Yvonne Fogarty
    Yvonne Fogarty
    10 p盲eva tagasi

    Idea for video:letting google choose what I paint Maybe 馃

  67. Kirsty Whalley
    Kirsty Whalley
    10 p盲eva tagasi

    this might be weird but if i send you a squishy could you coustemise it please if not you can keep the squihy

  68. Michelle Price
    Michelle Price
    10 p盲eva tagasi

    SheeEsh!Chill out girl !

  69. Warren Carter
    Warren Carter
    10 p盲eva tagasi

    Why are you doing this as it happened last year study lesson and it lets you crazy you act like a kid like a 12-year-old no like a fun field you are in one of my favorite EEfast or full of a bunch

  70. A-Gamer's World
    A-Gamer's World
    11 p盲eva tagasi

    鈥淏uster鈥檚 got kidney failure鈥 gets me every time

  71. Veronica Calles
    Veronica Calles
    11 p盲eva tagasi

    I鈥檓 u fan av you too good for me too good

  72. Kids change 馃
    Kids change 馃
    11 p盲eva tagasi

    Opine knew that if he will pick squishy rainbow and food moriah will enjoy he is understanding pet

  73. Melissa Richards
    Melissa Richards
    12 p盲eva tagasi

    I don鈥檛 like the popcorn on her face

  74. lucia tomaska
    lucia tomaska
    12 p盲eva tagasi


  75. Trinity Oaks
    Trinity Oaks
    12 p盲eva tagasi

    Nothing that got me is when she knocked over the car and yelled wait and Opie jumps back lol

  76. Yvanne Lucia Besana
    Yvanne Lucia Besana
    12 p盲eva tagasi

    that chocolate bar is a shopkin

    12 p盲eva tagasi

    Has she painted Opie as a squishy before?

  78. Phoebe Fulbrook
    Phoebe Fulbrook
    12 p盲eva tagasi

    14:29 me:busted is a band hehe

  79. Dog_lover games
    Dog_lover games
    12 p盲eva tagasi

    Buster and Lelo

  80. Manaswini
    12 p盲eva tagasi

    Why you want Opie to choose

  81. LexiBearPlayz
    12 p盲eva tagasi

    It took more than half the video until you got to the FiRSt STEP OF PAInTINg (but it was amazing I love it!)

  82. Mia Anne Loenholdt
    Mia Anne Loenholdt
    13 p盲eva tagasi

    Moriah:pulls out scissors. Me:*laughs*. My mum:HELLO POLICE

  83. Misty
    13 p盲eva tagasi

    You used 6 squishys... and there is 6 colors in the rainbow....

  84. Shweta Singh
    Shweta Singh
    13 p盲eva tagasi


  85. Sugar Crash On Youtube
    Sugar Crash On Youtube
    13 p盲eva tagasi

    Opie looks exactly like my cat pumpkin it鈥檚 like they are related, my parents did once tell me that the cat that had my cat couldn鈥檛 keep them because the parents didn鈥檛 want them, maybe they could鈥檝e came from the same family? Idk probably not my cats 15

  86. Cece
    14 p盲eva tagasi

    Me screaming to myself to make that bear thing peach theme cause I saw the peach in the background

  87. Bitumoni Deka bora
    Bitumoni Deka bora
    14 p盲eva tagasi

    Can you do this kind of videos more

  88. Maddie T
    Maddie T
    15 p盲eva tagasi

    I've been watching you for years! Binge watching anything i've missed!

  89. lps angel
    lps angel
    15 p盲eva tagasi

    Why the haters 馃槶馃槶馃槶馃槶馃槶馃槶馃槶馃槶馃槶馃槶馃槶

    1. lps angel
      lps angel
      15 p盲eva tagasi


  90. Tracy Bekker
    Tracy Bekker
    15 p盲eva tagasi

    What paint do you use on your squishys

  91. Nvc Nvc
    Nvc Nvc
    15 p盲eva tagasi

    The demon angel shark

  92. Zoe-E Print-Says
    Zoe-E Print-Says
    16 p盲eva tagasi

    Oh ok

  93. Christina Benson
    Christina Benson
    16 p盲eva tagasi

    My cat is the same way

  94. IamGaminYT
    16 p盲eva tagasi

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    Rebekah Scott
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    Avery Stopani
    16 p盲eva tagasi

    i love how much work u put in it.

  97. Lisa Dartt
    Lisa Dartt
    16 p盲eva tagasi

    i am so sorry about this but i kinda wish you could get a dog dont get me wrong i love opie but i think you would like a dog.

  98. _.meowie
    16 p盲eva tagasi

    Did u know that the bunny鈥檚 name is Connie / Conny I forgor how to spell her name

  99. Anne Kilmister
    Anne Kilmister
    17 p盲eva tagasi

    You can use it for sprinkles